Pony Tools - Over 110 years of strength and reliability!

Prime Time Solutions is proud to be your trusted source for Pony Tools. Through our extensive line of Pony and Jorgensen products, you'll find the best tools for any clamping, holding, and binding job. From c-clamps to bench vises, we back our selection of quality products with reasonable prices and a satisfaction guarantee. When you have questions, our customer service is always happy and eager to take care of you!

The Adjustable Clamp Company was established in 1903. After 110 years of trusted and successful operation, the name was changed to Pony Tools Incorporated and a new chapter began. Pony Tools Inc. has made it their mission to provide a line of equipment fit for any workshop, from the do-it-yourself homeowner to the professional woodworker. Today, when you see their trademark Orange color you know you're working with the best in strength and reliability.